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Mr Arthur's Puppets is committed to.creating a puppet centered anti-bullying program for primary school children. As a puppeteer and primary school educator, Keiran Arthur has a goal of using his puppetry skills to deliver an innovative and interactive program of activities. These activities will include the production of a touring, interactive anti-bullying puppet show, the recording of an anti-bullying music single/music video and the creation of a range of associated teaching and learning resources to accompany this project. The program is planned to be promoted extensively through various media.


Keiran Arthur is funding this project out of his own pocket and with the expenses of a family of his own, would appreciate the assistance of others to help make it all possible. Any donation to this project would be truly appreciated. We are looking for small donations from kind-hearted individuals who would also like to see a world with less bullying. Also we would welcome any funding donation from larger organisations who would like to help get this project off the ground.


Thank you so much,


Keiran Arthur

Mr Arthur's Puppets

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