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Professional Development

Mr Arthur's Puppets are available for teacher professional development sessions.

Why Mr Arthur's Puppets?

Keiran Arthur (our puppeteer) enjoyed a thirty year teaching career teaching in early childhood settings and primary schools K-6. From his first year of teaching, he used his talents in muppet style puppetry in the classroom as a teaching tool and as as a behaviour reward (which never failed).

At the end of 2010, Keiran (Mr Arthur) moved from Canberra to Sydney with his young family. His students in his year 1&2 class were devastated to learn that the 20 puppets and teacher that they had bonded so well with were leaving.


As a way to keep the connection with his past students and the puppets, Mr Arthur created the Mr Arthur's Puppets Youtube Channel. The Youtube Channel was a way for Mr Arthur to post his educational and amusing puppetry content.   


In 2011, several students hounded Mr Arthur to audition for 2012s series of Australia's Got Talent. He decided to take a  leap outside his comfort zone as an example to his students to chase their dreams. Amazingly, out of over a million acts that auditioned for the show, Mr Arthur's Puppets was selected to be featured on national television. 

This propelled Mr Arthur's Puppets and Australian puppetry into national and international spotlight. Mr Arthur went from being "the teacher who uses puppets" to "the puppeteer who does teaching".

Keiran Arthur would like to share his vast experience in using puppetry with children in the classroom. Puppets in the classroom can:

  • add humour and happiness to the learning environment.

  • help learning and social situations become less threatening.

  • develop creativity.

  • develop confidence performing in front of peers.

  • be an AMAZING behaviour reward.

  • be an AMAZING teaching delivery method or reading delivery tool.

  • make every child want to be at school EVERY day.


What you get:

A Full Day Mr Arthur's Puppets Professional Development Workshop includes:


  • a discovery of how puppets can add to the teaching and learning environment.

  • a hands on introduction to teachers of puppetry techniques and manipulation, making puppets seem alive.

  • a hands on sock puppet making session where teachers can create and also characterise their puppet.

  • A team building session of planning and performing a puppet show.


Full Day Workshop - $800 -(benefits of using puppets, introduction of puppetry techniques, puppet making session, team building session planning and performing show.

Half Day Workshop - $500 (benefits of using puppets, introduction of puppetry techniques and puppet performance session.

For bookings or enquiries contact Keiran Arthur
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