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FM3138 - Owlet Puppet

FM3138 - Owlet Puppet


Newly hatched, you will fall in love with this baby owl as it seeks the warmth of your embrace. Soft and scraggly, imagine this baby raptor thriving with your love to spread its wings and fly.


Pair with these book titles;

ADOPTED BY AN OWL. Gijsbert Van Frankenhuyzen. 1585360708

ANIMAL LIVES: THE BARN OWL. Sally Tagholm. 0753451719

HOOT. Carl Hiassen. 0375821813

OWL BABIES. Martin Waddell. ISBN 1-56402-101-7

OWL MOON. Jane Yolen. 0399214577


Video Demo Link:


Suitable for ages: 3+ years



Product Dimensions

18cm L23cm H15cm W

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